Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Born Pretty Store Giveaway

Hey - I just wanted to remind you guys to enter A Polish Problem's $ 50 Born Pretty Store giveaway! 50 bucks! That's awesome. And everything at Born Pretty Store is so super cheap. You could get enough stickers to last you until retirement. Here is the information for the giveaway.

I'm super excited.

Check out the Born Pretty Store website to see what you can get. I personal would load up on rhinestones and stickers and all sorts of pretty things they carry. 

I love stickers! I love 3D stickers even more! Less than 5.00 for all of these. 

So many rhinestones! So little money! 3 bucks. Thats it! 

Look at how many plates you get for 12 bucks! 12! amazing! 

These things always look cool on other peoples hands. I wonder if I could pull them off without literally pulling them off. lol. Less than 10 bucks for 100 sticks. 

Rhinestones, glue, dotting tools, and 10 orange sticks! My dream package. And it is only 12 bucks. If I don't win this giveaway I'm going to have to buy this package anyway. It is too good to pass up. 

Well - I kind of did want everyone to enter. But now I'm kind of hoping no one enters so I have a better chance at winning myself. 

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