Thursday, January 27, 2011

China Glaze: Life Preserver

OMG I LOVE THIS POLISHHHHHHHHH. I really do. I love the color orange. In 9th grade my hair was orange for a good portion of the year and I got the nickname Cheeto, which I still get called. I love my orange converses from high school. I just love orange things! It is definitely my second favorite color after turquoise. 

Anyway, this is a truly awesome shade of orange. China Glaze Life Preserver is part of their Spring 2011 Anchors Away collection. The whole collection looks great, although I only grabbed 4 of the polishes. But like I said, this is a great shade of orange. I think it will flatter just about everybody. It isn't too bold, yet it is clearly in the orange family. It is like a dusty deep peach color sort of. Maybe not so much in these photos though. In these pictures it looks very bright, but in real life on the nails it is darker. Love it. In both cases. Love love love it. I'm gonna wear this polish to death. 

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