Saturday, November 6, 2010

OPI: Rising Star

Today I have for you OPI Rising Star from the Burlesque collection. I was planning on re-doing these swatches, but who knows when I'd get around to it. And since the collection will probably be leaving stores soon, I figured I'd just put it up even though my hands were stained green because of the last polish I had on. I really hate when that happens. 

I really liked the polishes from this collection. Well, at least the polishes I have. I grabbed the mini-set that I found at a beauty supply store that I can't remember the name of, but it is pretty awesome and it's in the mall right next to my school. So that just makes it extra awesome. And also they have sales for USF students. And the sales people are super fabulous. Anyway, I saw it at Ulta as well, but for a few dollars more than what I paid, so if you can- shop around. Although 10 bucks for 4 polishes isn't bad at all. I know they are very very tiny, but really.. who uses a whole bottle of polish? Not me. So this is perfect because they take up less space, and you still get like 10 wears out of it. And if there is a color you really really love, then by all means spring for the 8 dollar bottle.

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