Monday, November 22, 2010

Barry M: Dusky Mauve

I bought  Barry M Dusky Mauve after I saw the comparison between Barry M and Chanel Paradoxal on Lacquerized. And I have to say - I love it! I didn't have much desire to pay 25 bucks for Paradoxal to begin with, but I was curious to see what it would look like on me. Granted, usually I would give into my stupid curiously and blow the 25 bucks, but in this case I'm glad I didn't, because not only did I find a spot on dupe, but I also ordered a bunch of other Barry M polishes, and they are all gorgeous. I love discovering new (to me) brands that I haven't tried before. 

Here are some pictures of Abby. When I went outside to take these pics I found her under a cushion on my lounge chair. She's so adorable sometimes. 

I think this polish does a great job of recreating that signature subtle Chanel shimmer. And I think it is a fantastic fall color. Plus it shipped in record time! So if you're looking for Paradoxal and can't find it - or don't want to pay 25 dollars... grab this instead!

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