Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics: Matte Mulberry

Sorry that I haven't been posting that much lately. Regular old end of the semester bullshit got in the way. But now I'm pretty much done with all the major assignments for my actual classes this semester, and all I really have to focus on now are my thesis proposal, and the applications I have to complete for PhD programs and for Law School. Although every day I'm thinking that going on for more school seems like a huge mistake. I've been told by countless people that even after I get a PhD I might be stuck working at a community college as an adjunct for 10 years! I'm qualified to be an adjunct professor right now - so why on earth should I waste the next 5 years of my life and hundred of thousands of dollars on getting a PhD?? Aside from my own pride, and the desire to force my brother to call me Dr. ______, it just seems to be an impractical decision. I'm already in enough debt. I don't want to be dirt poor for the next 5 years pouring over research being forced to read old documents in Spanish and Dutch. I don't even speak Spanish or Dutch. 

So.. I figure I'll apply to some schools anyway, but I would really rather just get a Museum Studies Certificate while I'm doing my Masters right now, and then get the hell out of here. I'm so ready to be done with school and get on with my life and maybe make some money for a change instead of living off of student loans. 

Sigh... such big decisions. 

Anyhoo, I ordered some more polishes from Diamond Cosmetics and this beauty was part of the haul. I absolutely adore it! Matte Mulberry. I don't even like matte polishes, but I love this one. And it actually doesn't seem to be that matte. It is more like the finish on those Orly Plastix collection - which was a combo between shiny and matte. Reminiscent of vinyl seats or something like that. 

I love the color - a purple/punk fusion that definitely leans more on the cool purple side. I just think it works well with my skin tone and it looks sharp because the finish is so different from what I normally wear. If you're buying from DC I recommend adding this to your cart. It is only 2 bucks. How could you go wrong? 

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