Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zoya: Trixie

I waited foreverrrrrrrr to try this polish. I got this back in.. october? september? Whenever Zoya had the promo where they gave Raven, Trixie, and a red sparkley polish for free with an order. Well I finally tried Trixie and it is awesomeeeeeee. I had thought that China Glaze Millennium was my favorite silver metallic polish, but this Zoya is soooo much more forgiving!  No brushstroke problems, no chipping problems, incredibly reflective. I'm definitely glad that I got it and finally tried it, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be rocking this on my toes for the majority of the summer. 

And in the shade - still extremely reflective. 


  1. It looks cool on you!!
    I always skip it because I'm like bleh just another foil, but maybe I'll get it next time.
    I just wish the surface was smoother, you know? More minx-like.

  2. Wow! Reflective-R-Us! I now want to see this on your tan piggies! I'm probably going to wear my Fashion Bug silver very very soon now.