Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nubar: Gem

I had taken a lot more pictures but the sun bleached out the polish color, so unfortunately I only have a few to show you of Nubar Gem. Gem is from Nubar's best collection - Prisms. 
Also - these do't properly capture Gem's awesomeness. In real life it has a reddish flash to it, making it even more complex and amazing. Although the formula/finish was not so great, it is definitely worth putting up for with an awesome scattered taupe holo. This is really different from say the new China Glaze Tronica collection - that holo is really subtle and blends in with the polish color if you are inside. With this Nubar collection there is no mistaking the holo. It's gorgeous. 


  1. Lovely. I need this in my life. I always think about ordering a few from this collection and never do. I need to just do it already!

  2. Absoutely! Everyone should at least have one of the polishes from this collection. They're so gorgeous.

  3. Really? I wasn't super impressed with this color -- maybe if I saw the red flash I'd fall more in love, but not right now. Hmm.