Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sally Hansen: Coral Amber

I got this polish after seeing tons of gorgeous pictures of Sally Hansen Prisms all of the internet. And I checked ebay to see if they had any.. and they certainly did. I found someone selling a lot of 10 polishes for like 20 bucks. So.. I jumped at it. This was the polish I was most excited about - a gorgeous duochrome that is mostly orange but in the bottle has a huge golden flash. Well - unfortunately it doesn't play out that way on the nail. It just looks like regular old orange. A very pretty orange - but plain old orange nonetheless. So this polish was a huge letdown. Hopefully the others will be better. 

Oh and also, this polish was extremely sheer. I suppose these were meant for layering. This was 5 coats. 


  1. I would try layering it! You'd be surprised what you can coax out of those nail prisms just by a little layering ;)

  2. It looks summertime!
    If you have a nail wheel or something, just layer them all over black and see what happens. I feel like they never look as good by themselves as they do over other stuff.

  3. I have the same sheer problem with Garnet Lapis, but that is duochrome city! I'd love to see it layered.