Friday, March 11, 2011

Barielle: Elles's Spell

Today I wanted to show you Barielle's Elle's Spell, a polish that tons of people were dying to get ahold of this fall when it came out. I, too, was desperate to try it so when I saw a lone bottle of it at Ulta in December I grabbed it. Well..... I'm not a fan. I wish I was! But apparently Barielle and I are not friends. Look at that tip wear! This picture was taken on the same day that I put the polish on. It just isn't right. And the other Barielle polish I have is the same way. But what can you do? Every formula is different and now I know to just pass by the Barielle display.. no matter how tempting the colors are. 

Plus this polish is really sheer - and I suppose after using the Nfu-oh flakies, this formula is just a disappointment. I should probably try layering it over black before I write it off altogether.... but I'll save that for another time. 

1 comment:

  1. The bottle looks far more exciting than it does on the nail! =(