Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So while I was driving the other day I was behind this car - and it made me laugh. I'm pretty sure this dude is divorced. 

Unfortunately that was one of the few laughs I've had this week...

I am super nervous because my Thesis proposal defense is today and I'm petrified my panel is going to ask me a million questions that I don't have answers to. And then I will look like a dumbass. I made cannolis last night in the hopes of lulling them into a food coma so they don't ask me anything. 

In unrelated news, my bestest buddy just got accepted into UCD Ireland for her second Master's degree. And while I am happy for her, I am super sad for me. Who am I going to watch Weeds, Shameless, and Californication with? Ireland is reallllllly far away. And I assume it is a dreary land full of bars that blast U2's music and serve disgustingly warm beer, so I don't know why she wants to go there so badly. 

Also - I got a haircut the other day. This is what it was supposed to look like.. 

Instead, I got something that is more like this.. 

After shedding a few tears and wishing I could go back in time to stop this from happening, I have accepted my new super short do. Hopefully I will be rocking some funky spiketastic hair, instead of looking like a lame 1990s lesbian extra on Ellen's show. 

Enough ranting.. sorry if I've offended any of the following: People who live in Ireland, people who like Ireland, Divorced people, and 1990s lesbians


  1. Oh jeez...sorry about your hair cut. But it's all in the styling...if you mess with it a bit, I'm sure you'll come to like it more.

    And good luck with your thesis defense! I know it's scary, but you're gonna do awesome.

  2. Hahahahahaha that's awesome! My friend and her husband were having rocky times and she told his mom "I don't want to have to peel him off the car." Luckily, she didn't, but this poor guy did! lol

    Your hair isn't that bad! I promise. If it were, I'd tell you to get it fixed or don't show your face it public. lol