Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoya: Crystal

This was the first Zoya polish I ever purchased. And.... I love the color. I love the finish. But the wear time completely blows! I don't know why. Maybe I should use a different base coat. But do you see that giant chip on my middle finger?? I took this picture only a few hours after I put the polish on. Le sigh. But it is still an awesome color. 


  1. People are always complaining about Zoya wear...something in their formula doesn't agree with a bunch of base and top coats.
    But it's a pretty color on you. ^_^

  2. This is so pretty -- and VERY you! It reminds me of a polish I used to own that I absolutely adored but dried up on me. I'd love to find that polish again, but I was 10 when I got it and have nooooo idea what the brand was.

  3. FYI -- I just spent the last half an hour searching for that damn polish, or something close. I found a couple of things, but definitely not it. It was a blue this shade or so and silver... I wore it to my cousin's wedding in 97... hmph. lol