Sunday, May 22, 2011

Milani: Silver Dazzle

I only grabbed one of the Milani One Coat Glitters (unfortunately) because I was afraid of the removal process. But the color that I did get, Silver Dazzle, was totally worth it. I want to hunt down some of the other colors now. 

The polish went on pretty smoothly, but the finish was anything but. That is to be expected though. 
I love the blue-toned silver color. Wonderfully cool-toned. I couldn't ask for a more perfect silver glitter mixture. It reminds me of some pictures that I've seen on Nubar's Knights Armor, but with the sparkle factor amplified by 100. 

These next two pictures are a little bleached out from the ridiculously bright sun. My apologies. 
But you can get a good sense of the grittiness of this polish. It is basically as if you had coated your nails in glue, and then dunked them into a pile of glittery sand. 

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